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  1. An Khanh Warehouse
Our first factory was certified with ISO Certificate 22000:2005 for tea manufacturing. This is the blending and producing area for all of our exports. With the capacity of 2500 tons holding, we export more than 7000 tons annually.
It was equipped with modern and highly efficient machines from UK, India and Russia especially three Sortex color sorters from UK and a destoner from India. We are the first company to have three color sorter from Sortex and in one of the few in Vietnam who use De-stoner to remove all stones and foreign mixture in tea. With the blending drum, we can not only increase the productivity but also minimize the food contamination in tea during the blending process.
  1. Phu Tho warehouse
This new warehouse is currently built. With three times of the size comparing with An Khanh Warehouse, we will offer more services to match our client’s request.